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If I change my Creddle résumé, does that update my LinkedIn profile?
No, Creddle does not change any parts of your LinkedIn profile.

How do I let others see my Creddle résumé?
First "Publish" your résumé, then provide them with the URL provided by clicking "Link".

Is my Creddle résumé public?
No, your Creddle résumé is not publicly searchable nor is it publicly accessible without a provided URL link, which is described in the previous question.

If I make changes to my Creddle résumé, are those changes reflected in my linked résumé?
No, all of the changes that you make to your Creddle résumé are auto-saved. However, your linked résumé is not affected until you click "Publish".

How do export my Creddle résumé as a PDF?
For now, you'll need to rely on your web browser to print the page as a PDF for you. In your browser's print dialog, make sure that you set margins to 0, show background colors, and remove headers and footers. Then choose to print as a PDF.

What browsers do you support?
Viewing published résumés is supported in the latest versions of all major browsers. Editing in Creddle is only supported in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Do you support mobile devices?
Not yet. We're focusing on providing résumés that look great in the tried-and-true 8½ × 11 format first, but mobile-optimized Creddle résumés are just one of the many things we'd like to make happen.

My résumé doesn't fit on one page (or the font is way too small). Can I make a multi-page résumé?
Not at the moment. For the time being, you can try removing content or changing the "Max Entries Shown" under the "Employment" section in the "Customizer". You might also have better luck with another theme, or by tweaking various settings the in the "Layout Format" section in the "Customizer".

I'm having trouble! How do I get more help?
Please send us an email or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter. We'd love to hear how we can make Creddle better for you.