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How do export my Creddle résumé as a PDF?
See Help > How to Print as PDF.

How do export my Creddle résumé as a DOCX?
DOCX is no longer supported due to the difficulty of accurately formatting all of the possible Creddle résumé combinations correctly in the DOCX format. Please use another software program such as Microsoft Word to reliably convert PDFs to DOCXs.

How do I upload my photo to my CV?
Creddle does not support photos due to the potential for bias or discrimination by employers and to prevent copyrighted or trademarked image uploads.

The new LinkedIn profile page doesn't export to PDF. Can I still import my LinkedIn profile?
No. The LinkedIn API was closed in 2015 and LinkedIn PDF export was removed in 2017. Without either of these export options, there is no longer a way to pull information from your LinkedIn profile.

How do I rename sections?
On the Resume page: Customizer > Resume Settings > Section Naming.

How do I re-order sections?
On the Resume page: Customizer > Resume Settings > Section Ordering.

How do I re-order items withing sections?
On the Content page: Reorder.

If I change my Creddle résumé, does that update my LinkedIn profile?
No, Creddle does not change any parts of your LinkedIn profile.

How do I let others see my Creddle résumé?
First "Publish to Unlisted URL", then provide them with the URL provided by "Go to Unlisted URL".

Is my Creddle résumé publicly searchable?
No, your Creddle résumé is not publicly searchable nor is it publicly accessible without a provided URL link, which is described in the previous question.

If I make changes to my Creddle résumé, are those changes reflected in my linked résumé?
No, all of the changes that you make to your Creddle résumé are auto-saved. However, your linked résumé is not affected until you click "Publish to Unlisted URL".

What browsers do you support?
Viewing published résumés is supported in the latest versions of all major browsers. Editing in Creddle is only supported in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Do you support mobile devices?
Mobile devices are not supported.

I'm having trouble! How do I get more help?
Please send us an email. We'd love to hear how we can make Creddle better for you.